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Our organization comprises of experts from various different backgrounds and professions, including civil engineers, material engineers, consultants, lawyers, doctors, journalists and financial advisors. With the help of which our organization ensures successful implementation of the schemes by doing the following:


The selection of required areas and to proceed creating awareness on a larger platform.

Technical Training

To provide the technical training in lacking areas related to the construction work like testing of material, workmen, shape, etc.

Investigation of Roads

To investigate construction quality & construction material of work done and work in progress related to infrastructure work.

Prevent Corruption

To prevent and to cease any kind of event that leads to delay, corruption or misuse of the public funds in any manner.


To monitor the construction of Roads, Bridges, Building, Streams, Canals and other related public welfare structures according to the central and state government specification set by them.

Project Quality Reports

To generate a report of the quality of work and quality of material being used in the construction like soil, muroom, sand, aggregate, bitumen, metal, gravels, cement, bricks, etc from mobile laboratories.

Submission of Report

To present investigation report to the required agency or government body for them to take appropriate action as and when needed, also to raise awareness in the local public regarding the same via newspapers, electronic media, magazines, etc.


To act as intermediate agency between concern contractor, department and government bodies who involves in the related construction work. So that implementation of work should be done in a transparent manner.

Calculate Values

To calculate the actual value of work done and prepare a comparative statement between actual value of work done and payment made by concern department.

Practical Training

Provide internship and practical training to civil engineering student so that they get practical exposure to put their theoretical knowledge into action.

Consultancy Services

Prepare D.P.R of Road, Culvert & Bridges and Supervision & Quality Control work.

Social & Technical Audit

To Conduct social and Technical Audit in public interest.